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hMenu 2.0 [The Ultimate Chill/Kill Mode]

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7 months ago

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7 months ago

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I cannot believe I am finally posting my custom skirmish menu, hMenu 2.0!

Hello, my name is Wattson(formerly known as halseyislifee) and today I am so excited to share hMenu 2 with you! hMenu 2 is a tool that is used for Chill/Kill lobbies to give players control over their own experience. From regular User commands, to exclusive Admin commands, hMenu 2 has something for every player that enters your lobby.

How do you use hMenu 2.0? Follow the video tutorial here or the text tutorial below.

  1. Hit Interact to open your menu
  2. Change to desired command by pressing primary fire for forward, or secondary fire for backward.
  3. Hold Ability One to confirm the selection and you may be done!

Some commands however require arguments; for example, Teleport To requires a player input. To select a player, choice or number, use your primary fire and secondary fire to control the input! Once you have selected the input you wish, hold ability one to fully execute the command once you have completed the arguments.

How do I know which commands do what and which require arguments? Simple! Go to this link to view a full, indepth list!

For more creations by Wattson and other Grandeur Hammers, join our discord!!!

Thank you so much! - Wattson